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Bursting at the Seams

CenterPointe serves the community by offering more than 40 programs including mental health and substance use treatment, primary care services, rehabilitation, medication management, 24-hour crisis response, and housing. Most of those served experience severe and persistent mental illness, addiction, and health issues. Nearly all are low or no income.

CenterPointe was the first organization in Nebraska to employ a “housing first” model in which people with mental illness and addiction issues are housed first, then engaged for treatment services. Today, CenterPointe operates more than 200 units of supported housing through grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Veterans Affairs, and the State of Nebraska.

Today, CenterPointe is rapidly expanding to run toward complex needs and growing demand, and we are out of space for staff growth to provide holistic care. While there are 13 CenterPointe locations across Lincoln and one in Omaha, we are in dire need of expansion to more fully integrate behavioral and physical health for people served.


Issues of mental health and substance use have been steadily growing in the Lincoln community and the pandemic only accelerated this growth. While other organizations have been retracting or forced to end services in the pandemic, CenterPointe has been expanding.

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    Guidestar Gold Transparency


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    BBB Accreditation